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"As captain, I would love the whole of Europe to get behind the team and this is where I would appreciate your help. Please send us your inspirational message and pledge your support to Team Europe."

Darren Clarke Captain, Ryder Cup Team Europe

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pledges received
pledges received
  • Mick Fitzgerald
    Go get 'em boys!
    - Mick Fitzgerald
  • Tim Sherwood
    Good luck chaps!
    - Tim Sherwood
  • Niall Horan
    Good luck lads. We’re all behind you. I really can’t wait to be there to roar you on. C'mon Europe!
    - Niall Horan
  • Stuart Hogg
    All the very best lads! Bring it home!
    - Stuart Hogg
  • Robbie Fowler
    Daz, all the very best to yourself and the team. Bring it home!
    - Robbie Fowler
  • Ian Wright
    Winners win. And we are Winners! Good luck
    - Ian Wright
  • Brian McFadden
    For every hole you lose you must take a shot of Vodka! (except the Irish boys! You’ll lose on purpose).
    - Brian McFadden
  • Gary Lineker
    Wishing the European Ryder Cup team all the very best. Stick it to ‘em!
    - Gary Lineker
  • James Phelps
    Go get ‘em boys
    - James Phelps
  • Kevin Pietersen
    Myself and everyone back here will be rooting for you. Go on lads, bring it home!
    - Kevin Pietersen
  • Ben Foden
    The best of luck! The whole of Europe is behind you.
    - Ben Foden
  • Niki Lauda
    I encourage the whole continent to get behind the European team. Good luck!
    - Niki Lauda
  • Alan Shearer
    Just remember, pressure is for tyres… Good luck!
    - Alan Shearer
  • John Virgo
    To Darren and the boys - putt as many balls as you can! Come on Europe.
    - John Virgo
  • Adam Gemili
    Good Luck in the SECOND biggest competition of the summer! All the best and bring it home
    - Adam Gemili
  • Jessica Ennis-Hill
    The Ryder Cup is always on in our house and I'm really looking forward to watching Darren and his team play in Hazeltine
    - Jessica Ennis-Hill
  • Martin Bayfield
    You are so lucky to play in such a magical event. It unites and enthrals, everything sport should do. Go well guys.
    - Martin Bayfield
  • Andy Murray
    Good luck guys, love The Ryder Cup! Will be watching. Bring it home!
    - Andy Murray
  • Steve Rider
    Good luck, proud of all of you.
    - Steve Rider
  • Gary McAllister
    Team before self. All the very best!
    - Gary McAllister
  • Andrew Strauss
    All the best guys… Stick together and you will come out on top!
    - Andrew Strauss
  • Rishi Persad
    I’ve put my hard-earned cash on you guys so do not let me down!
    - Rishi Persad
  • Nick Easter
    Get the job done boys you’re plenty good enough!
    - Nick Easter
  • Allan Lamb
    Good luck Buddy. Bring back the cup for us!
    - Allan Lamb
  • Ant and Dec
    Good luck Team Europe!
    - Ant and Dec
  • Sir Clive Woodward
    'Great teams are made of great individuals' - support each other and enjoy every minute
    - Sir Clive Woodward
  • Sir Anthony McCoy
    I pledge my support to the European team. Good luck!
    - Sir Anthony McCoy
  • Paul Scholes
    Good luck lads, bring it back home!
    - Paul Scholes
  • Milly Carlucci
    Bring the Trophy back! Good Luck!
    - Milly Carlucci
  • Dame Mary Peters
    Wishing the European Ryder Cup team every possible success. A great captain and a great team – you can beat America.
    - Dame Mary Peters
  • Jeremy Kyle
    Go get em Daz. We all know you’ll be bringing the cup home again.
    - Jeremy Kyle
  • Jamie Redknapp
    Bring back The Trophy boys. Good luck Clarkey!
    - Jamie Redknapp
  • Austin Healey
    Have a laugh. It’s only a game… but win!
    - Austin Healey
  • Mark Austin
    It all comes down to this. Go get ‘em guys!
    - Mark Austin
  • Mark Foster
    Stay in the now! Hit the B of the Ball!
    - Mark Foster
  • Anton du Beke
    American Smooth your way out of Hazeltine with the Trophy!
    - Anton du Beke
  • Shaun Pollock
    Nothing better than going into the opposition's back yard and bringing home the spoils. Make it four on the trot!
    - Shaun Pollock
  • Lavinia Biagiotti
    In bocca al lupo! Vi aspettiamo al Marco Simone!
    - Lavinia Biagiotti
  • Keith Wood
    Believe in the team
    - Keith Wood
  • Charlie Adam
    All the best in America. Make sure you put them Yanks in their place!
    - Charlie Adam
  • Peter Schmeichel
    Get the thing in the hole before the Americans! Best of luck!
    - Peter Schmeichel
  • Brian Lara
    Wishing the European Ryder Cup team all the best at Hazeltine!
    - Brian Lara
  • Dan Walker
    Forget Eurovision… the Ryder Cup is what brings the continent together.
    - Dan Walker
  • Will Greenwood
    How do you want to be remembered? I thought so! Go Get 'em
    - Will Greenwood
  • Kaspar Capparoni
    In bocca al lupo al Team Europe!
    - Kaspar Capparoni
  • Thom Evans
    Wishing you guys all the very best! Bring the cup home.
    - Thom Evans
  • John Hawkins
    My wife and i will be glued to the action, love, love, love it. best 3 days in the sporting year and i don't even play.
    - John Hawkins
  • Matt Warwick
    Now is the time to get the job done! Can't wait for the action to begin - Go Go #TeamEurope
    - Matt Warwick
  • Edmondo Manfredi
    Forza Europa e forza Darren
    - Edmondo Manfredi
  • Stuart MacGregor
    The greatest experience I had was being involved at Gleneagles, bring home the cup again! Ole ole ole!
    - Stuart MacGregor
  • Alison Touchain
    Bon courage !
    - Alison Touchain
  • Joe Laing
    After the miracle at Medinah, comes the Heroes of Hazeltine. Good Luck!
    - Joe Laing
  • Carole Longman
    Come on Europe. You know you can do it! You are the best of the best in Golf. Inspire us all and win the cup for Europe.
    - Carole Longman
  • Stephen Deeney
    The incredible team spirit shown by Team Europe is inspirational. Bring it home!! Come on Team Europe!!
    - Stephen Deeney
  • Matt Earl
    Bring it home boys. Looking forward to watching another famous victory
    - Matt Earl
  • Stephen Bull
    Good luck lads your all 1 team 1 hope 1 mission #TeamEurope All the very best #AlwaysBelieve #NeverGiveUp
    - Stephen Bull
  • Vincent Handley
    Good luck team Europe. There is only one word that can inspire the team, Seve. Bring the trophy home again.
    - Vincent Handley
  • Roger Aslan
    Go on boys! Bring the trophy home
    - Roger Aslan
  • Lucinda-Jane Chastain
    Go Team Europe! We will be turning everything off (except television and air con) to will you to European victory!
    - Lucinda-Jane Chastain
  • Cary Curtis
    See you on the 1st Tee lads. We'll be with you every step of the way (and you'll be able to hear us loud and proud!)
    - Cary Curtis
  • Alasdair English
    You need to win again, you have to keep your reputation up. Good luck and I hope you have a good time in America.
    - Alasdair English
  • Mark Phillips
    We back you we believe in you and like Seve we will be with you!
    - Mark Phillips
  • Paul Farrow
    Dear Darren and the Ryder cup team, wishing the very best next weekend. You have inspired & amazes us before do it again
    - Paul Farrow
  • Stephen Haselden
    Good luck lads do Europe proud
    - Stephen Haselden
  • Jochen Schönwald
    Bring the Trophy back to Europe and create some unforgetable memories. I love the Ryder Cup and the special atmosphere.
    - Jochen Schönwald
  • David Hartley
    There's been some spine tingling moments in the past. Let's deliver some more and silence that home support.
    - David Hartley
  • Laurent Percherancier
    Gagnez and good luck
    - Laurent Percherancier
  • Paul Smart
    Watching the Ryder cup got me into playing golf. There is nothing like it!! Go teach them yanks a lesson.
    - Paul Smart
  • Pauline Malafosse
    Allez allez
    - Pauline Malafosse
  • Nick Loader
    Everything we love in sport can be found in the Ryder Cup. Represent and bring it home.
    - Nick Loader
  • Alessio Crivelli
    Forza Europa. Together for the victory!
    - Alessio Crivelli
  • Henry Angus
    You help bring the whole of Europe together go and win it for us!
    - Henry Angus
  • Caroline Reynolds
    The countdown to the best sporting comp in the world is on! The reason I love golf so much. GO EUROPE
    - Caroline Reynolds
  • Alicia Hockless
    I wear golf shoes to work everyday...just to believe I'm playing in the Ryder Cup! Good Luck
    - Alicia Hockless
  • Steve Leahy
    Good luck fellas. Bring it home in a blaze of glory!!!!
    - Steve Leahy
  • Julian Brown
    Some people want it to happen, Some wish it would happen, Others make it happen! Go make it happen & bring the cup home!
    - Julian Brown
  • Haydon Clarkson
    May your Drive straight your irons be ture and putts be golden
    - Haydon Clarkson
  • Peter Ustorf
    Just be who you are and go strong, because that`s just the way you are, strong.
    - Peter Ustorf
  • Carsten Rogowski
    Go for it! Europe believes in you! :-)
    - Carsten Rogowski
  • Hannah Coulson
    Good Luck
    - Hannah Coulson
  • Michel Mella
    Gentlemen, You gave us, joy, thrills and pride for decades. Proud to be European and proud of you.
    - Michel Mella
  • Jack Warboys
    Good luck Europe, hope you win it for us
    - Jack Warboys
  • Mark Dorsett
    Make all of us Europeans proud. Bring it home again !
    - Mark Dorsett
  • Alex Sikkens
    Good luck and have a ball in the best sports tournament there is! Make it another memorable Ryder Cup win for EU!
    - Alex Sikkens
  • Dave Bryant
    Looking forward to being totally enthralled by the greatest sporting event in the world! Go Team Europe!
    - Dave Bryant
  • Rob Norris
    Here's to all the members of the Ryder Cup Team and there Captin. Bring it home boys really looking forward to this year
    - Rob Norris
  • Paula Oates
    Win lose or draw. As long as you work together and give it 100% we will all be proud of you. Good luck to you all xx
    - Paula Oates
  • John Williams
    You guys are among the best in the world, remember that and believe that. You will do it for Europe!
    - John Williams
  • Benjamin Garcia
    "Nothing matters but your will to succeed". Bring it home Team Europe!
    - Benjamin Garcia
  • Patrick Donnelly
    Fabulous wild card choices Darren. Good luck to the team. What pedigree, talent and spirit we will be bringing!
    - Patrick Donnelly
  • Oswald Boermans
    Go Europe! Let's show the Amercians what we are made of!
    - Oswald Boermans
  • Stuart Campbell
    Bring it home again.
    - Stuart Campbell
  • Richard Anderson
    It's simple guys... you CAN do this! I will be rooting for you day and night!
    - Richard Anderson
  • Claire Miles
    Time to work together and become the inspirational team that can go on to win!! You can do this, we're behind you every!
    - Claire Miles
  • Tina Birch
    Go Team Europe! Good luck from Denmark
    - Tina Birch
  • Matt Fenton
    Of all the hazards fear is the worst.... Come on boys u know u can do it ⛳️⛳️
    - Matt Fenton
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